Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pedernales Falls State Park

Early Saturday morning, we headed out to Pedernales Falls State Park about 35 miles west of Austin. There are many caches throughout the park, we choose a few easy ones (although we still didn't find a couple) for the kid's first trip to the park. There is a Boy Scout Troop series that we worked on just a bit. In the photos below, Alex is using his walking stick to point to the first cache. The next one is Alex walking along the trail. The stroller didn't go all the way along the trail, so Arrion pushed it back to the van and Ben took the geocaching lead for the first time. The picture of him shows one of his first caches. He was very excited. Arrion and Kaylee picked the boys up at the end of the trail. We headed on down the road, parked, and ventured to check out the swimming area. After walking down a steep hill, we found the river! Unfortunately, we had to go back up the hill. It was a fun morning. Lunch at Riley's BBQ in Dripping Springs. Yum!

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