Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Saturday Caching with Alex

Alex and I spent another Saturday afternoon searching for caches. We had 6 on our list and at the end of the day, found 4.

Out in Left Field
The first one we had already been searching for last week (at Kiker Elementary), still did not find and might have to bring more seasoned geocachers to help us search the next time. Maybe Happy Hopper.

What Moosie Girl Loves About South Austin
We returned to another one we didn't find last week and found it quickly. It was much funner at 70 degrees as opposed to 40. A cute little green treasure box. Alex was getting pretty excited about finding more

SEND-heR-A Rockin' Groove
Another quick stop, called a park and grab, although I do get worried about quickly putting my hand into holes around rocks. Never know what you'll find... spiders, scorpions, etc. Anyway, Alex was continuing to get more and more excited. Enough with the urban geocaches, we needed to find a trail in the woods!

Our next stop took us to a secluded park in the middle of Shady Hollow (in south Austin). A really nice trail through the woods. I counted at least 7 gigantic Live Oaks, that had to be at least 100 years old. Most of them had remnants of old ladders and tree houses. What a great place to explore as a kid, especially if you live in the neighborhood. We had three caches to find.

Coby's Cache
A great cache for kids, located right off the trail. I would have to say, it felt a little fantasy like. Alex and I had recently watched the Bridge to Terabithia. This location reminded me of the fort they found in the woods. While I opened, logged our visit, and checked out the Swag, Alex wanted to climb the tree. We took a bunch of photos and moved on.
Coby's Micro Cache
We headed on down the trail and the GPS pointed us to a very old cedar, lots of thickets, cactus, and other pointy plants. We bushwacked our way in and Alex was even brave enough to check out some spots only he could reach. Unfortunately, we didn't find the tiny cache. However, Alex did find a shiny new golf ball, so he felt we were victorious. We decided to move on and come back another time.

Coby's Micro 2 Cache
Our last cache of the day. From the instructions, it was going to be the toughest find. After bushwacking a bit off the main trail, we found the general location and began to look. Found it hidden in a tree, can't believe I saw it! If I were any shorter, I would not have seen it.

Our last cache was only a few 100 feet from the van! How convenient. We had a great time and look forward to going on another adventure soon.
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  1. Wow! You guys had a great day and adventure. I think this is such a great thing for you guys to do together!!