Monday, February 16, 2009

First Family Outing

Today, Ben had the day off, so we decided to do some family geocaching. I selected an area in Circle C that's part of Metropolitan Park. The caches were on the east side of Escarpment. We put Kaylee in the Jeep stroller and headed down the trail.

...I Didn't Say Banana

Our first stop was a microcache just off the main trail. Ben and Kaylee did some light bushwacking in tall grass. The spot had several trees, bushes, and brush. After a few minutes, Arrion spotted the cache hanging in a tree. Really not that difficult to spot. Alex is holding the cache above with Kaylee, her first cache.

The Tree

After finding the Banana cache, we headed back down the trail to find "The Tree". Unfortunately, we really came at it from the wrong direction. At one point, Ben took Kaylee out of the stroller as we climbed up an embankment of the creek (dry) to get to the other side. We found the "right" way in and started the hunt. Along the way, we found a half eaten deer, that had about half it's skin still on it. After seeing the bones, I don't think the bones at the Coby Cache from a few weeks ago was a deer. The deer bones were relatively small. Those other bones were huge! More like a cow or something? Maybe a dinosaur! (OK - not really) Anyway, we found this cache at the base of a tree hidden under some rocks. A nice amount of swag! Alex took a matchbox car and we left a Little Green Alien (LGA from Toy Story). Ben and Kaylee had to hang back, too many low hanging branches for Kaylee and the stroller. We had a great time for our first family geocaching trip.

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  1. Great Post! Glad the kids enjoyed it. Good exercise. Hope we'll be able to go out, on an upcoming visit. ;-)